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This Thursday, May 20 Seattle fans of music mixing it up with extreme sports should head to The Funhouse to see the next round of World Championship Extreme Pencil Fighting!

This time, the band Lesbian will be playing live music as well as compete in this battle to the lead! According to WCEPF emcee-ringleader (and Rat City Rollergirls announcer) Jake Stratton they even wrote a song for the event. “They’ll play it at the show, and then record it at their upcoming session produced by Tad.”

Also, Jake says that DJ Bobcat will be spinning metal all night, “as well playing the entrance music for our pencil fighters.”

On a personal note, one of the brave bastards involved is rumored to be “Dashin'” Dan Halligan, those costume for his character “The Librarian” you won’t want to miss. Be there or get shaved! (You know, like shavings. From a pencil sharpener. I don’t know, it’s early.) Sounds like fun!