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Well, according to Blender Magazine, Sting is the worst lyricist in music today. Now, I trust Blender and its musical acumen about as far as I can throw a 200 lb block of shredded issues of Blender, but they have a bit of a clue when it comes to the worst lyricists. The top five of the list are:

(1) Sting: I can agree with this, especially after listening to songs like "Synchronicity." Ugh. However, it's Sting's trite love song slogans that bug me most, like "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You."

(2) Neil Peart from Rush: Can't really comment having not listened to much Rush anyway.

(3) Scott Stapp from Creed: I think this speaks for itself…

(4) Noel Gallagher from Oasis: This guy might have actually deserved the top spot for the drivel that Oasis has produced over the years. I mean, some of the lyrics are truly hideous, and I offer "Champagne Supernova" as evidence.

(5) Dan Fogelberg: "It's the chance of a lifetime / In a lifetime of chance / And it's high time you joined / In the dance." Enough said. Instead of the video for "Run for the Roses," I offer you a 9:50 minute "tribute" to Dan Fogelberg by a bunch of grown men playing in what looks like a high school orchestra.

Any other horrible lyricists you'd like to point out?