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There has been a little twitter of late that Pavement might reform for Coachella!

Guitarist Scott Kannberg was quoted on as saying "Coachella keeps asking our booking agent but our booking agent's pretty strong. He's waiting for the right number, I think."

2009 marks their 20th anniversary, so the time is definitely right…

As a northern girl, born and raised, I HATE being hot, but I might even drag my sorry carcass down to Indio for a Pavement show.

Sweet Merciful Divine Creator, who/whatever you might be, please let these guys do Coachella and realize how much they like playing together and then go on a larger scale tour. I really don't wanna have to stand in the sun in Indio in 100 degree heat to find my shady lane. See what I did there? That's called confluence, kids.