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Missing PersonsWhen thumbing through our vinyl collection on this fine Friday, I rediscovered Missing Persons’ Spring Session M–sparking yet another incarnation of a familiar discussion topic in our household.

Me, fawning over the synth melodies, fabulously 80s keyboard-twinged vocals: This record is so damn good.

My guy, "Who’s that you’re listening to? Missing Persons? I mean, the original No Doubt?"

And the convo progresses, as we both rattle off the mega-list of similarities:

GwenSvelte, sassy, punk-tinged blonde female frontwoman, who hiccups and staccatos and struts her way around sweet pop songs, flanked by male musicians with a penchant for chunky, distorted guitar solos and keyboard leads. She (Dale Bozzio) even had pink hair– ala Gwen Stefani in the late 90s – and a slash of bright red lipstick.

I mean seriously, are you kidding me?

Has no one else noticed this? Gwen, your game’s up.