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Clocking in at just a touch over 25 minutes, the new ten-track CD by the Girls is a retro power-pop release for all of your dancing needs. Titled Yes No Yes No Yes No, the Seattle group's new offering is gaining attention from the airwaves of KEXP to positive reviews from Pitchfork, among other sources. 

Sounding like the offspring of Blondie and the Cars, this release is a catchy, poppy little album that hits its jumping and swaying stride on the opening moments of "Where Wolves Drink" and does not let up all the way through until the final notes of closer "Point of Departure" are left ringing out. This is definitely music for a live setting, with the band's signature upbeat, fun songs with just a hint of grime slathered into the mix.

The Girls first gained notoriety for their energy at live shows and Yes No Yes No Yes No successfully captures that sound in a studio format. For a taste of their sweet jumping sense of pop melody, be sure to attend one of their upcoming live shows. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes.