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It's a snow day in Seattle!  If you're able to make it out and about, you're better than me. Even my "growing up on the East Coast ways" couldn't brave it to the re-routed bus (eight blocks, in the show, up hill, without proper snow attire).

So, I am here at home watching and singing along to one of my new favorite songs, "I won't say anything" by Hello Seahorse, on repeat, over and over.

Sure, by the looks of the video Hello Seahorse could easily pass for a classic Swedish indie-pop band who recorded their video in the Pacific Northwest. But, no, they recorded their most excellent US debut album in Mexico City, MX and a handful of songs on their album are song in Spanish.  

Go listen to a couple tracks on Hello Seahorse's MySpace Page. And watch this video by your new favorite Mexican indie-pop band.