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Seattle is a big comics AND music town; besides musicians putting out their own comics and slinking around both sides of the counter at comic stores, and whole bands working in the Fantagraphics warehouse at times, there is almost a mutual fandom for both. That connection has been helped out with bright, dapper promoters like Pete Greenberg moving back and forth between those creative milieus.

Pete was in charge of making the old Croc the rocking madness it was night after night for many years, and then did the same for Chop Suey. He was always great to BANDOPPLER, the comics-friendly music magazine I used to co-edit, and now he helps put on the Backroom Comics Podcast (with someone here who might look awful familiar to the Three Imaginary Girls family):


Next week, the Backroom Comics Podcast comes out from behind the long boxes and displays and presents “You’ve Got Booze On My Comics!” at Solo Bar (“the best bar in Seattle to be named after a Star Wars character”, the invite says) on 200 Roy Street in Lower Queen Anne.

Starting at 8 PM, there will be a comic book swap (bring one take one! “Kinda like a key party only way less icky”), death defying trivia questions, performances by Galzilla (“Beware The Clownquistador!”), and something called “Drink & Draw”…which many cartoonists I know locally have been practicing for for quite some time.

“Live readings! Games! Fun! Booze! You!” And make that me, because I wouldn’t miss this hot mess for the world.