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Math and Physics Club photo by Steve Louie

{Photo by Steve Louie}

No matter what’s listed on the Capitol Hill Block Party schedule, Math & Physics Club is an imaginary entry in the 7:45p slot on the Saturday schedule.

I was so excited when I saw the band was on the schedule that I emailed the band to offer congratulations only to find out that they hadn’t been contacted by CHBP about the show and that, unfortunately, some members aren’t going to even be near Seattle July 23-25.

Oh well. Just wanted to let folks know that you don’t have to plan around their 7.45p Saturday time slot. Go see some hip hop or !!! at that time!

If you still want to get your Math & Physics Club on, we’ll have to wait since they don’t seem to have any shows coming up. But, in the meantime, go pick up the brand new MAPC album — it’s perfect for summer time listening.