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Three cheers for our super cool dude developer Robby for working long hours this weekend to update with some super spag new functionality thingys.

Perhaps we are the only ones that jump for joy at the sight of the new left bar "recent reviews" box and the right bar "recent comments" box and some of the other various things that make make us feel fun and pretty? There will still be some more developments coming down the pike, but for today join me in celebrating a most exciting thing: we can now post YouTube videos! Viva la YouTube Revolución!

What should our first You Tube embedded video be?

I was going to try to be monumental and use a live Cure performance of "Three Imaginary Boys" but none of the videos I could find were all that exciting and were from 2004/2005.

How's this? To get folks prepped for this weekend's AMAZING NYC POPFEST — a video by my Scottish boyfriends, Ballboy for their song "I don't have time to stand here with you fighting about the size of my dick."

Also, let's make a deal that every post for the next 24-hours is going to have a YouTube video… imaginary friends – submit your nominees now! We can't find all the great videos on our own! You can email us or post your recommendations here.