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Last week there was only one new song on the NME chart, so I skipped. This week, we get four new treats, so I'll actually chime in. The #1 song remains the same, the Pigeon Detectives with "Take Her Back" and four new songs made their way into the top 10:

#5 The White Stripes: "You Don't Know What Love Is" – You can read what Betsy and I think of Icky Thump, but this track is a pretty "by the numbers" White Stripes song. I do like the fact that the video looks like it was shot in Iceland. Not sure why I think Iceland. Maybe I just like Iceland.

#7 The Twang: "Two Lovers" – Wow, British bland rock. And jeez, the video is like a bad British soap opera. What's not to not love?

#8 The Rumble Strips: "Girls and Boys in Love" – I like the band name, and we seem to have a "people in love" theme for the last couple songs. And thankfully, this is both a band and video I can get behind – sort of Adam Ant meets Buffy meets teenage dance party meets NIN at Woodstock. I like it!

#10 The Enemy: "You're not Alone" – Post Oasis/Radiohead Brit rock. Nothing too interesting.