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I'm feeling so blah today so I went looking on YouTube for something to cheer me up and rev up things. Unfortunately the two posts of the White Stripes appearance on Conan last night are really unwatchable (I keep refreshing to see if anyone else has opsted better versions of the TWO appearances on his show last night). Alas, all you White Stripes superfans are letting me down.

Then I went looking for something by local band Your Favorite Book which, I know, is a stretch that they would have a live video up, but I've been listening to the album all morning and it's lifting the funk a bit.

Next, of course, the natural progression is to go for the sure thing and head to Bright Eyes territory. Surely, that'd be an easy cure. It worked… there were ones of a performance from the early Conor days in Seattle (I think at that second show at the Paradox) and then the one where he' being a smooth showman and giving a guitar lesson on stage… ZOW!

But perhaps the one video of most interest to you (since I'm already on the cusp of drowning you in my Bright Eyes superfandom) is this one. It is most comical because the song is supposed to be carefree and uplifting, but Robbie Nevil is completely not having any of it… in fact he's acting all serious and embarrassed to be surrounded by dancing women and the funky production. He's obviously hating the whole thing and trying to act like he's Michael Bolton.

B*Witched did a much better job of embraceing the spirit of the phrase C'est La Vie.

Any other ones I should look at?