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The 2013 Sasquatch diaries, pt. II

Show Date: May 26, 2013

{This year, John in Ballard brings us all the bands that caught his attention at The Gorge during Sasquatch! 2013. Read part one of his weekend-in-review here!} Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver kicked off Sunday with a fun, captivating early afternoon set. They premiered some new music that was well received, and even did a really […]

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Sasquatch 2013: Your guide to navigating the side stages {Sunday, May 26th}

We're giving you the day-by-day for this year's Sasquatch! music festival — check out our recommendations for Friday here, Saturday here, and read on for Sunday's picks! Start Sunday off right with Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver, playing at 1:00 on the Bigfoot stage. Originally a solo project of guitarist Jessica Dobson, the band has evolved […]

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Erik G's attempt to start 2008 fresh: A pile of lost reviews

It's nice to start a new year with a blank state. Well, maybe at least a less covered slate. Or maybe a slate that you can maybe discern is buried under the pile of records that have been haunting your every waking moment for the last six months. So, without further ado, here are some […]

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Shout Out Louds Don't, Still Rock Chop Suey

Show Date: October 13, 2007

In Sweden, being in a rock band is a pretty sweet gig. Rather than toiling away at some crappy day job, the Swedish government subsidizes artists. Their government subsidizes rock bands and performance artists; ours supports Halliburton and Walmart. I cannot fathom any other reason for the Swedes exceptionalism in pop music (which is a […]

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