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Seattle Alki Music Festival!

Show Date: August 10, 2003

The entire weekend flew past in a blur of sunscreen, fish 'n chips, and rock and roll. A few imaginary highlights, in order of appearance… tart Argo Silver Surfer The Senate Arcade Ms. Led NuSol Tribe Cee-lo The Ruby Doe The Lawnmowers The Fading Collection From the Icy Coast Downpilot tart "It's time to hear […]

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Show Date: December 19, 2002

For the most part, the re-introduction of a historical phase is the cause of nothing other than grief — to repeat what has already been done seems boring and cheap. In the case of the recent Shoegazer resurgence, I am easily able to over-ride (no pun intended) any such negative thoughts and fully embrace it. […]

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