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Claire Tucker: Same Old Hunters EP

Claire Tucker is a Seattle artist who has been involved in the local scene here for several years now. She is the chief songwriter and vocalist for Loose Wing and also plays guitar for Black Nite Crash. This month, she will be releasing her first solo recording. The new EP, Same Old Hunters, will be released on the 23rd of October by the excellent Drums and Wires Recordings. We have an exclusive preview of one of the songs, “Tickets and Tapes,” a lovely and wistful melody that shimmers with woozy acoustic guitar and delicate piano. Follow the link where you can listen to the lead track and preorder the compact disc or digital version.

We were able to catch up with Claire about her musical history, the origin of the new EP’s featured track and her plans for the future.

Are you a Northwest native? How long have you been in Seattle and how long have you been involved in the music scene here? I know that you front Loose Wing and that you also play guitar in Black Nite Crash.

Yes, I was born in Colville, WA and spent most of my childhood in the Snoqualmie Valley. I’ve lived in Seattle for most of my adult life. In the 00s I led a lo-fi indie band called Icy Paw that played coffeeshop gigs, then I led a band called Swaybacks that played out a bit at clubs like the Crocodile and the Sunset. I think I was six or seven months pregnant when we played our last show. Once my kids were born I didn’t have the mental space for music at all for like 5 years. Then I finally got to where I couldn’t live without it anymore, and that’s when I joined BNC.

How did your solo release come about? Were you planning on recording solo material or did the coronavirus and subsequent quarantine shift your plans for Loose Wing this year?

I recorded most of this EP at the end of 2019, before the pandemic. At the time, I had kind of a backlog of songs written and some of them just didn’t feel like they fit either band’s vibe. I’d also been playing a few solo shows and didn’t really have any recording that represented that. Of course one I started recording it turned into a more expansive production than I would never be able to replicate at a solo performance, but that’s where it felt like the songs needed to go. That said, Loose Wing had planned to go into the studio over the summer, and ended up postponing due to COVID. We’re trying to get flexible and have been chipping away at the next record from our respective homes, but it’s a slow process.

“Tickets and Tapes” sounds like an autobiographical reflection on your past. Is there anything that you would like to say about the lyrics and/or the music to the song that is being featured?

That song was originally inspired a couple of years ago when my basement flooded (well, leaked, really — it wasn’t thigh-deep like in the song) and while my husband  and I were picking boxes up from the floor I found a bunch of old drawings and poems and things from when I was in high school. I had totally forgotten any of things even existed, but it just felt like, “Oh right, this is me”. I’m definitely not a “no regrets” type of person, but I started thinking about how so often I’ve just accepted the ways that my life has changed, or that I’ve changed, without really making a conscious effort to direct my life. It was kind of a depressing realization. But I think it’s a side effect of my graceless yet earnest attempts to find real deep connections with others. The line about the runaway dog came from an unusually vivid dream I had, and in a roundabout way I think it kind of illustrates that aspect of connection.

Are you planning on recording a solo LP or is this EP a one-off release at this point?

Since the lockdown started in the spring, I’ve been trying to improve my home recording skills. In that process I’ve recorded several more solo songs, and the end goal is indeed to make a full-length album. It’s going to have a different sound from any of my other projects thus far though, with faster tempos, programmed beats and a higher synth-to-guitar ratio. It’s not going to be full-on electropop but it’s leaning more in that direction than anything else I’ve done, and it’s been a lot of fun to make so far.

Obviously, COVID-19 has thrown a massive wrench in the music industry. It’s looking like live music will not return until next summer at this point. What would you most like to focus on once things return to normal?

I am just so looking forward to being able to get out and support other artists at their shows again. There were so many times when I didn’t want to stay up late because I had to work the next day, or I was depressed or something, and I flaked on shows. But what’s depressing now is seeing venues shut down and friends laid off from their day jobs. I think most of us probably took it for granted that live music would always be a thing but this year has proven that nothing is certain. I just want to show up at all the shows, wearing the t-shirt. As far as my own projects, I would love to do more PNW regional touring. At the beginning of the year I played a solo set at Doe Bay, and with Loose Wing at the Tunnel Tavern in Port Townsend. Those places are such gems, and I miss those little excursions a lot.

Be sure to check out Same Old Hunters. It’s a well produced set of four songs that fits in well with the times and also bubbles with its own unique folk country signature. While you are at it, keep your eyes open for more exciting releases from Drums and Wires Recordings who is also set to release a compilation CD in December that features several of the artists on the label.

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Recommended Events For Your Weekend April 26-29th

Like me, I’m sure you’ve been loving the premature Summer sunshine this week and you’re all high on Vitamin D. The birds are out, you can wear your sunglasses….well GUESS WHAT BABY all that is about to change cause we’re tbt-ing back to April rains this weekend. Before you start crying into your ice cream, check out these amazing shows that are sure to keep Summer alive in your heart.

First up,  SEAGAZE FESTIVAL is happening all weekend at LoFi. If you’re into psych, post-punk and shoegaze you’ll want to check out the incredible acts performing Thursday – Sunday. They’ve got the likes of Fotoform, Black Night Crash, Erik Blood and The Shivas just to name a few!

Do you need plans on Friday? Check out the jam packed bill of local talent for Mirrorgloss’ CD Release Party at Clock-Out Lounge. Get your booty moving to the gorgeous grooves of Mirrorgloss, two electro-pop divas with voices of gold! Speaking of fantastic voices, they’ll be joined by the incredibly talented Breaks and Swells, and Guayaba. OOH LA LA!

If you’re into more of a dancy synth vibe, head over to the Sunset on Saturday for the Trick Candles EP Release Show. You can check one of their brand new 80’s throwback tracks, “241,” below! Fruit Juice and dreamcatchr will also be there to make sure you PARTY YOUR NIGHT RIGHT. It’s gonna get sweaty you guys.

Black Nite Crash Golden Gardens Hotels Imaginary Scoop Jen Wood Jupe Jupe Trick Candles

Recommended Shows: Sound Off! Semifinals #1 {2/9} and Dancing on the Valentine 13 {2/10}!

HAND UP if you’re ready for an insanely fun weekend of music! This Friday & Saturday, two of my favorite annual shows are happening.

First up, let’s talk Sound Off!, MoPOP (formerly EMP)’s inspiring Battle of the Bands for musicians 21 & under. I worked at MoPOP for 4 years, and every. single. year. I was BLOWN AWAY by the talent I saw come through this competition — and it killed me not to be able to write about it! But now that I’m no longer there, friends, I am free to tell you all about my fave new bands.

This year’s competition kicks off on Friday with Semifinals #1, in which four talented young bands will play sets, industry judges will watch ’em, and then a winner & runner-up will be selected. The winner of this show (and the following two semifinals shows) will move on to the Finals March 3 and the runner-up will go into a “Wild Card” pool, then MoPOP’s Youth Advisory Board will choose the 4th band to play Finals from the Wild Card picks!

Friday’s show features Portland band Dreadlight, aka two kick-ass women who play alt-rock that I am TOTALLY rooting for; angel-voiced Maiah Wynne and her pretty-pretty indie-folk tunes; Seattle’s psych-pop youngsters Strawberry Mountain, and Jawzilla‘s hip-hop jams.

Also, ALSO: this year MoPOP put together some pretty adorbs videos of each band. I’ma post Dreadlight’s direct here — but check out the others on the YouTubes.

Sound Off! Semifinals #1 | Friday, February 9 |  MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture) Sky Church | Doors 7pm; Music 8pm | All Ages | $14 (regular), $10 (youth ages 5-17), $9 (MoPOP members) | Grab tix here 

The fabulous Jenny George’s annual fundraising event, Dancing on the Valentine, turns THIRTEEN this year, so of course the theme for this beloved cover night is “No. 13 Baby” — a tribute to the Pixies and The Breeders!!!!

DoTV’s 2018 line-up includes Black Nite Crash, The Gods Themselves, Golden Gardens, Hotels, Jen Wood, Jupe Jupe, LaFonda, Pink Parts, Sloucher, and Trick Candles covering ALL THE SONGS, with KEXP DJ Atticus (and Jenny’s son!) emceeing the event, and DJ Mike Steve spinning tunes between sets. Neumos is gonna be LIT, and your money is going to an amazing cause: the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Also, of course: Ben Haley will be there to man one of the most coveted photo-ops in town, and the DoTV raffle might net you some serious swag.

Dancing on the Valentine No. 13 Baby: Pixies & Breeders Tribute | Saturday, February 10 | Neumos | 8pm | 21+ | $15 | Grab tix here 

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Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash: What a way to celebrate the 10th Imagi-versary

{Sean Nelson / by Laura Musselman}

We can't thank you enough for helping us celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Rockstar New Wave Karaoke style last Friday {June 1, 2012} at Chop Suey!!!  The evening was so much fun and having you all there really made it all super special.  There were so many amazing moments some that we can't even believe actually happened!  If we weren't already in love with every one of the performers that took the stage, we are certainly over the moon with them now.

There were so many amazing performances it's impossible to list all the amazing moments here… but here are just a couple off the top of our heads:

Ben Hooker re-writing Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" to "Three Imaginary Girls On-Line."  We still don't know how he did it and really wish it was caught "on film." We are still blushing from the honor of having a Ben Hooker-penned song about us!

Patrick from Your Favorite Book singing "99 Luft Balloons" IN GERMAN!  We're not sure if you noticed, but the words on the karaoke monitor were in English, which means Patrick actually memorized the German version. From seeing YFB shows in the past, we knew he was going to go all the way.  But, blow up red balloons and fill the crowd with them as he broke out into song? While singing in German?

{Jenny Jiminez / by Laura Musselman}

Jenny Jimenez capturing all that is "She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper. The face paint, the outfit, the dance moves, AND a spot on rendition of this classic Cyndi tune.  It was a big undertaking and Jenny nailed it!

Sean Nelson singing "Peace, Love, and Understanding."  Sean not only covered the Elvis Costello song beautifully, he got so into the moment that he left the stage with a hole ripped in the knee of his pants and a bloody knee! We admire his new wave devotion!

{Jenny and Chris of Tullycraft / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Jenny and Chris of Tullycraft's version of "Come On Eileen."  The overalls, the dance moves pulled directly from a Dexy's Midnight Runners video and the over-the-top vocals. Thank goodness it was captured on video (posted below)!

Kevin Emerson (of Central Services /Board of Education, Math & Physics Club) and Ethan Jones (of Math & Physics Club) getting Romantics with "Talking in Your Sleep."  It was a wonderful surprise to have them both on the stage (it wasn't planned ahead of time) and they sounded great!

The end of night wrap up "Tainted Love" sing along!  All that love on one stage was the perfect (and fun) way to top off the night!

But really, every song our rockstars (and audience members) did was a-maze-ing!!! Here's a recap of karaoke songs the rockstars chose:

Adrian LeFluer and Imaginary Dana (our lovely awesome hosts!) – The Buggles – "Video Killed the Radio Star"
We Wrote The Book on Connectors – Simple Minds – "Don't You (forget about me)"
Cristina Bautista – Cars – "Just What I Needed"
Math & Physics Club – Joe Jackson – "Is She Really Going Out With Him
Jenny George and Imaginary Amie – The Vapors – "Turning Japanese"
Shane Tutmarc – The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
Anna Banana w/ Amy Rockwell – The Go Go's  – "Our Lips are Sealed"
Jenny Jimenez – Cyndi Lauper – "She Bop"
Ben Hooker – Duran Duran – "Girls on Film"
Noddy – Cars – "Drive"
Tullycraft – Dexy's Midnight Runners – "Come On Eileen"
Kithkin – Eurythmics – "Sweet Dreams"
Your Favorite Book – Nena – "99 Luft Balloons"
Lesli Wood – Kim Wilde – "Kids in America"
Lesli Wood and Larry Brady – Human League – "Don't You Want Me Baby?"
The Mangles – A-ha – "Take On Me"
Sean Nelson – Elvis Costello – "Peace, Love and, Understanding"
Tennis Pro – Milli Vanilli – "Blame It on the Rain"
Exohxo – Talking Heads – "Once in a Lifetime"
Alicia Amiri – INXS – "Suicide Blonde"
The Young Evils – Flock of Seagulls – "I Ran (so far away)"
Mal de Mer – Cyndi Lauper – "Time After Time"
Black Nite Crash – Adam Ant – "Desperate But Not Serious"

{Adrian and Dana / by Laura Musselman}

{Cristina Bautista / by Laura Musselman}

{Anna Banana / by Laura Musselman}

{Rockstar New Wave Karaoke / by Laura Musselman}

{Cody Hurd / by Laura Musselman}{Cody Hurd / by Laura Musselman}

{Joe and Michael / by Laura Musselman}

{Rockstar New Wave Karaoke / by Laura Musselman}

What were your favorite moments? And has anyone found any videos of the night?

So far we've only found this one from of the Tullycraft performance of "Come On Eileen" (love it!) and Imaginary Rich made a mash-up of some performances later in the night!:

Huge, huge, HUGE thanks to our friend {and longstanding imaginary photographer} Laura Musselman for capturing the night in such detail!

Black Nite Crash Chop Suey Imaginary Scoop

Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Countdown: Black Nite Crash

Black Nite Crash - Rockstar Karaoke

We feel like the folks in Black Nite Crash are our siblings. We pretty much grew up with them over the last 10 years and, during that time, have gathered so many fantastic memories of time spent together.  One of my earliest imaginary memories is the moment I heard them covering one of my favorite songs of all time (Adorable's "Homeboy", a track that, it's fair to say, is equally brilliant and unknown) while standing in the back bar in line to get a drink at the Crocodile on a Sunday night back in 2003.  

I immediately ran to the front of the stage cried with joy (having never seen Adorable play live and this being such a spot on rendition).  After the show, I followed BNC to the back bar and tried to communicate how amazing the show was. It was a classic TIG move that would be repeated (though never perfected) thousands of times in front of hundreds of brilliant bands over the course of the next 10 years. 

Since that show, they've kept it real; writing beautiful songs in the key of shoegazer and playing stellar local showcases, including many an imaginary event (remember how amazing their performance of the Fixx's "One Thing Leads to Another" was at our 2nd birthday bash?).  And, huge hoorays, they have their second album coming out and are celebrating it up and down I-5:

In Seattle on Friday, June 8th at the Rat and Raven with Blood Red Dancers and Sundaze
In Portland on Saturday, June 9th at the Ella Street Social Club with Sundaze

I can't wait to see what song they choose for our 10th Anniversary Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash {on Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey – tix}.  I'm sure it's going to make me run to the front of the stage and cry… and then follow them to the bar and buy them a drink.

Here's a video we shot of them a few years back, playing a very dark Chop Suey:

Alicia Amiri Anna Lange Black Nite Crash Chop Suey Cristina Bautista Exohxo Imaginary Scoop Jenny George Jenny Jimenez Kithkin Lesli Wood Mal De Mer Math and Physics Club Megan Seling Noddy Redwood Plan Sean Nelson Shane Tutmarc The Mangles The Young Evils Tullycraft Visqueen Your Favorite Book

TIG's 10th Anniversary Fun: 22 rockstars singing new wave karaoke songs can't be wrong!

Three Imaginary Girls / Rockstar Karaoke New Wave BashAs you may have heard, 2012 marks Three Imaginary Girls' 10th anniversary of being Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press and we can't think of a more imaginary way to celebrate than with a big bash with some of our favorite rockstars and YOU!

On Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey, we're going to host the biggest TIG birthday party of all imaginary time with some of Seattle's most stellar rockstars taking the karaoke mic to sing in the key of new wave, including:

Sean Nelson
Lesli Wood
Megan Seling
Jenny Jimenez
Shane Tutmarc
Alicia Amiri
Cristina Bautista
Anna Banana Lange
Jenny George

and members of:
The Young Evils
Math & Physics Club
Tennis Pro
Mal de Mer
Black Nite Crash
The Mangles
Your Favorite Book
We Wrote the Book on Connectors

It can't get any more astonishing, right?  Well, the rockstars aren't the only ones taking the mic, we want YOU to sing too! Throughout the night, audience members can volunteer to take the Chop Suey stage by storm to karaoke their favorite new wave hit.  Folks will be chosen first come, first served, so get there and turn in your song early (doors are at 8:30pm)!

To add to the birthday merriment, the evening is going to be hosted by imaginary Dana and Adrian LeFluer (of Iron Composer fame), who you might remember stealing the show as emcee at our 69 Love Songs cover night a few years back. 

Get your ticket to the night of new wave love and big imaginary fun now! And check out the Facebook page for the event!

As an added bonus for those at the show,  you can be the first to pick up a copy of the Imaginary Zine! A printed old school zine recounting our first 10 years in stories and recounted memories from our imaginary friends. It will have a special screenprinted cover (thanks Seattle Show Posters / 112 Printworks!) and a cd chock full of rare, live, or exclusive songs by some of our favorite local artists, including The Long Winters, BOAT, Exohxo, The Femurs, Tullycraft and MORE!  It's limited to a hand-numbered print run of only 333, so you should make plans to pick up your copy at the show. 

But what we really want to know is… what new wave songs do you want to hear karaoke'd at the party? 

P.S. – HUGE thanks to Roshan Gurusinghe for the beauuuuutiful poster for the show… sweet dreams (are made of this)!

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Do not miss: Lovesick Empire at the Highline

{Lovesick Empire / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

There's a whole lot of us who will be migrating south for Friday night's Pickwick show at the Doug Fir, but if you're in town this weekend, there's plenty going on that's worth going out for: namely, Lovesick Empire's opening spot at the Highline in Capitol Hill on Friday night. They're playing with SAYS and Black Nite Crash, and you shouldn't miss it. Period.

If you haven't seen or heard Lovesick Empire yet, you are truly missing out. Their self-titled EP tied for first place in 2010's best-ofs, and my first round of listens earlier that year yielded quite the enthusiastic word-salad:

To say that this brand-stinkin'-new release from local notables Alicia Amiri and Jason Lajeunesse is in heavy rotation would just about be the understatement of the year […] Lovesick Empire manages to give a nod to their roots while maintaining a sound that's completely their own — we can hear hat-tips to true [word-other-than-]grunge and "He War"-esque Cat Power, layered with a good helping of black eyeliner and a missle-lock stare. You can almost see the movie scene playing out in a deafeningly loud bar during "Something in my Blood," hear the radio hit two tracks later, and realize you've got the perfect addition to your next mix tape with "Can't Get Right." Big, filthy guitars will keep the post-punks happy; and just enough forlorn-ness in the lyrics will draw the indie rockers in.

There's really not much to add to that, with exception of (a) since then, they've only had time to improve, and (b) Lajeunesse and Amiri, along with full-time members Peter Kowalczyk and Andy King, recently did some time in the studio — you can hear a brand new track over at their Soundcloud here, and then immediately add their not-yet-released-release to the list of all the great things that are coming out of the talent pool in our fair city this year.

Two words? Good shit. Two more words? Get there.

{More info about the Highline here, Facebook event page here. Photo of Lovesick Empire by Victoria VanBruinisse.}

Adam Franklin and Bolts of Melody Black Nite Crash Bronze Fawn Imaginary Scoop Nightmare Air Swervedriver

Make your Shoegazer 101 prof proud: Head to the Comet this Saturday {1/23}

Truthfully, I’m even a little star-struck just typing this: Adam Franklin (singer, guitarist and main songwriter for Swervedriver) will be headlining the late show at the Comet with Bolts Of Melody (his back up band) this Saturday, January 23. You  probably remember Swervedriver best from your Shoegazer 101 class Freshman year when your professor pointed all the points of brilliance of Swervedriver songs like “Duel” and “Rave Down.”

Even more lovely is that taking the stage before Adam will be some of Seattle’s finest fuzzy indie-rocksters: Black Nite Crash, Nightmare Air (actually from Los Angeles), and Bronze Fawn.

If you didn’t make it that far in the class (or opted for Paisley Underground 101 instead) – behold the 90s ‘gazer-ness:


And if you want to fill in the cracks of your shoegazer / Swervedriver studies even more– go to where they’ve filled the site chock full of loads of live tracks for everyone to download and adore.

Black Nite Crash Blitzen Trapper Central Services Damien Jurado Fleet Foxes Grand Archives Gutter Twins Helm's Alee Hey Marseilles Imaginary Scoop Kaylee Cole Lake Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands Moondoggies Natalie Portman's Shaved Head New Faces Sera Cahoone Shane Tutmarc and the Traveling Mercies Speaker Speaker Tea for Julie The Dutchess and the Duke The Helio Sequence The Kindness Kind The Saturday Knights These Arms Are Snakes Throw Me the Statue Voyager One Your Heart Breaks

Best of 2008: Top Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers' Poll Winners

Upset. The word of the our 2008 Best Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers’ Poll is upset.

With the Fleet Foxes winning readers and critical polls alike, who would’ve thought they wouldn’t get top honors in our humble little Northwest poll? But they didn’t — they placed a distant second to New Faces, another debut record from some very talented, very young Northwest fellas.

We had other surprises as well, with unsigned newcomers such as Hey Marseilles, the Kindness Kind, and Kaylee Cole cracking the top ten, beating out Northwest heavyweights such as Death Cab for Cutie. We did not expect that. And we love it when you surprise us, dear readers.

We imaginaries like to champion the up-and-comers from the Northwest, and our results indicate that you do as well. We think you all also have fabulous taste, as always. Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll. We couldn’t be more proud or thrilled to present the top 50 winners on your behalf…

Winners of the TIG Top Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers’ Poll:

50. Michael VermillionLast Night on Earth {info}
49. Jared Mees and the Grown ChildrenCaffeine, Alchohol, Sunshine, Money {album review}
48. Destruction Island Destruction Island Preaches the New Wilderness
47. Boy Eats Drums Machine Booomboxxx
46. The Apple WarAlarm Bell City {live show review}
45. The Hungry PinesGolden You {info}
44. Hypatia Lake Angels & Demons Space & Time {info}
43. All Girl Summer Fun BandLooking Into It {live show review}
42. The Dandy Warhols…Earth to the Dandy Warhols… {info}
41. By SunlightBy Sunlight
40. Blue ScholarsButter and Guns {info}
39. Parenthetical GirlsEntanglements {album review}
38. Your Heart BreaksLove is a Long Dark Road
37. Isobel Campbell & Mark LaneganSunday at Devil Dirt {info}
36. H is for HellgateCome for the peaks stay for the valleys {info}
35. Andrea Wittgens In The Skyline {info}
34. Common MarketBlack Patch War {album review}
33. Colin MeloyColin Meloy Sings Live! {album review}
32. Chris WallaField Manual {album review}
31. Head Like a Kite – There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere {album review}
30. LakeOh, the Places You’ll Go
29. BOATTopps {info}
28. 31 KnotsWorried Well {info}
27. Gutter Twins Saturnalia {album review}
26. MoondoggiesDon’t Be A Stranger {info}
25. Mark Pickerel & His Praying HandsCody’s Dream {album review}
24. Tea for JulieThe Sense in Tying Knots {album review}
23. Central Services Central Services Presents… The Board of Education! {info}
22. These Arms Are SnakesTail Swallower & Dove {info}
21. Speaker SpeakerCall It Off {info}
20. Sera CahooneOnly As the Day Is Long {album review}
19. Dutchess and the DukeShe’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke {live show review}
18. The Saturday KnightsMingle {album review}
17. Throw Me The StatueMoonbeams {album review}
16. Helms AleeNight Terror {live show review}
15. Natalie Portman’s Shaved HeadGlistening Pleasure {live show review}
14. Death Cab for CuteNarrow Stairs {album review}
13. Voyager OneAfterhours in the Afterlife {album review}
12. Shane Tutmarc and the Traveling MerciesHey Lazarus {album review}
11. Black Nite CrashArray {info}
10. Damien JuradoCaught In The Trees {album review}
9. Blitzen Trapper – Furr {album review}
8. Grand ArchivesGrand Archives {album review}
7. Hey MarseillesTo Travels and Trunks {live show review}
6. Helio SequenceKeep Your Eyes Ahead {album review}
5. Man PlusHungarian Suicide Songbook {album review}
4. The Kindness KindThe Kindness Kind {info}
3. Kaylee ColeWe’re Still Here Missing You {live show review}
2. Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes {album review}
1. New FacesTwo Years {album review}

Black Nite Crash Imaginary Scoop Life in a Blender Red Jacket Mine The High Dive The Maldives Transmissionary Six

Tonight's Recommended Show: Guilty Pleasures Cover Night at the High Dive

There is no single term I find more grating than "guilty pleasure" when applied to music – not even "seminal." I completely agree with rock writer Eric Weisbard, who once wrote, "There are no guilty pleasures. There are only people who think some forms of culture ought to know their place. And those who believe them."

It is not as though I have unimpeachable "indie cred." I unapologetically love pop in nearly all permutations, which includes the Beatles, Big Star and Britney. I think "Toxic," "Since U Been Gone," and "Sk8r Boi" are all wonderous pop songs that I have yet to grow tired of. I just don't feel guilty about it. I'm sure there are others that feel the same way about '70s soft rock or doo wop or whatever.

Having said all of that, this show gets my recommendation although I have no idea which songs will be performed and am only marginally familiar, at best, with most of the bands on the bill. First, it is a celebration of songs that we love simply because they are great songs and not because they fit into some artificial ideal. Moreover, the chance to think (or better yet tell someone), "I thought I was the only one that liked this song" is worth the suggested $7 cover.

This show is also a benefit for Eric Howk of the Lashes, who is still recovering from a terrible injury and the fucked-up reality of being a musician (even one on a major label) and not having health insurance.