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Bring back the sun (??!!) with Imaginary Amie's Summer Mixtape

Ahhh….summer. There’s nothing quite like cranking up a bouncy, happy song on a sunny day – whether you’re in a car with the top down, or taking a sunshiny sidewalk stroll with your earphones firmly in place. Sadly, once again this summer,  the sunny days in Seattle have been few and far between (Hello, July?). Here’s […]

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Imaginary Watch This: The Submarines frolic w/tinfoil planets and cardboard stars

It’s no secret that I’ve been in love with cute-as-a-button pop duo The Submarines for awhile, but their newest album Love Notes/Letter Bombs has been taking over my iTunes for the past few days, stuck on repeat and filling me with indie-pop love. Naturally, the new video for their single “Fire” has the same effect […]

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Bumbershoot 2010: My Imaginary Bumbershoot Schedule

{The Submarines} Usually when we say “imaginary” around TIG, we mean stuff that we’re super-psyched for! And in this case, it’s true –but it’s also literal, as I won’t be at Bumbershoot this year. So imagine (ha) if you will, that I am going. Here’s what you’d see if you followed me around: ALL THREE […]

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Honeysuckle Weeks


From the opening notes of the synthesizer and violin-laden track "Submarine Symphonika," it's easy to assume this is going to be some kind of weird electronic pop record. But the husband/wife duo of John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard soon let their guard down and offer up some great indie-pop lyrical maxims: case(s) in point: "When […]

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Who am I?

All morning I've been happily listening to girlie girl-fronted indie rock outfits and it's freaking me out.  As a self-proclaimed "I usually only fancy boy-singers" gal, such a reaction to my playlist this morning is pretty weird. Sure the Submarines (yes, as heard on a Weeds and Nip/Tuck soundtrack) have a bit of a nod […]

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