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All morning I've been happily listening to girlie girl-fronted indie rock outfits and it's freaking me out.  As a self-proclaimed "I usually only fancy boy-singers" gal, such a reaction to my playlist this morning is pretty weird.

Sure the Submarines (yes, as heard on a Weeds and Nip/Tuck soundtrack) have a bit of a nod to Mates of State (who, apologies to the world, make my skin crawl) — but their take is grounded, genuine and dreamy with cascading male vs female vocals and kitschy keyboards.

Here's "Peace & Hate" which isn't from the newest album, but is one of the few videos I could find for them:

Next up in rotation has been She and Him, who with the M. Ward stamp of approval, are retro-glamourous. I've been pulled into their past-meets-show tune world and loving it. I know that I'm not the first (or last) person to proclaim the duo's coy infectious stylings, but, l'm now on the band wagon.

Here they are doing one of the best songs of the year "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here" with Yo La Tengo helping out.

Don't get excited, I tried a Rilo Kiley song and it still makes me gag.