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Lines We Trace


Lines We Trace opens up suddenly, with all kinds of ache laced through the echoes of a well-worn Andrew Bird album, cut beautifully with strains of Matt Bishop's unmistakable vocals. It's a powerful track ("Tides"), the line I would trade ten thousand days / for one more hour with you immediately vaulting the listener into […]

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Tonight's recommended second-of-three: Matt Bishop at the Tractor

Dear Seattle: You do not want to miss Matt Bishop’s set at the Tractor tonight. The end. If you were fortunate enough to see our favorite local seven-piece indie.orchestra-pop band’s frontman go solo at the last City Arts Song Show, you are familiar with the awesomeness of which we speak. Matt Bishop, of the highly-esteemed, […]

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Hey Marseilles celebrate vinyl release of debut with all ages show at Vera (5/21) and club show at Tractor (5/22)

{Photo: Hot Avocados} I am a latecomer to the mesmerizing travelogues and swirling epiphanies of Hey Marseilles’ musical majesties. Wayfarers to the bone, lead singer and guitar player Matthew Bishop, along with players Nick Ward, Samuel Anderson, Philip Kobernik, Jacob Anderson, Patrick Bannon, and Colin Richey crafted their DIY release To Trunks & Travels out […]

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