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Barbara Crampton and Imaginary Amie at Crypticon 2018

Hi imaginaries! It’s me again, your horror film-loving friend and I’m here to tell you all about Crypticon and why it’s so awesome. ICYMI: Crypticon is the largest gathering of fans of the macabre in the Pacific NW, with a focus on HORROR and all the related spooky things.

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss my favorite convention of the year:

  1. X-Files Goodness! This year Mitch Pileggi (Skinner), William B. Davis (The Cigarette Smoking Man), Nicolas Lea (Krycek) and Annabeth Gish ! (Reyes) are coming, and you can see all of them for photos and signatures individually, or splurge on a mega-photo op with all four for maximum Phile enjoyment.
  2. TWIN PEAKS Goodness! Continuing its excellent tributes to Twin Peaks this year (last year Harry Goaz/Andy & Kimmy Robertson/Lucy appeared), this year the con has Ray Wise/Leland & Sheryl Lee/Laura!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Can’t. Contain. Excitement.
  3. 80s Goodness! I swear they didn’t tailor this year’s guests JUST FOR ME, but uh, it’s kind of like they did: Dee Wallace (E.T., The Howling, Critters, Cujo); Adrienne King (Friday the 13th); Amy Steele (Friday the 13th Part 2); and Amelia Kincade (Night of the Demons series) will be there!
  4. BARBARA FREAKIN’ STEELE! Goddess of Black Sunday, Dark Shadows, Pit and the Pendulum, Castle of Blood – and so many other great films is attending and I have zero idea how I’m going to keep it together without fainting in front of her.
  5. Interviews! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the celeb interviews at Crypticon because they are in cozy rooms where everyone has a great view and usually everyone who wants to has a chance to ask questions.
  6. Vendors! OMG THE VENDORS. Just take all my money, please. This year there’s even a separate Artist’s Alley which is um, amazing!Check out the full list of people selling cool things here.
  7. Events! Enjoy a horrific film festival with shorts and features, makeup demos, mold-making demos, trivia, hearses, hotrods, PROM OF THE DEAD, and more.
  8. Parties! The entire 13th Floor of suites is transformed into party central, and even though I’m old and go to bed early, I can assure you based on the number of hangovers I see Saturday and Sunday mornings, they rage pretty much ALL NIGHT.
  9. Cosplay! Every year I am awed by the amazing horror cosplays I see on the floor and at the Saturday night cosplay contest. Last year there was a pair of women that had The Shining twins aesthetic down PERFECTLY, even their expressions and the way they interacted with people was amazing!
  10. The Crypticon FAM! Every year my horror family expands as I meet new people who love the genre as much as I do — so many friendly, horror-loving folks to talk to and nerd out with!

Tickets for one day range from $20-$30, or you can grab a weekend pass for $60 (in advance) or $80 at the door. It’s also super easy to get to, even if you don’t have a car — Crypticon is at the Hilton Doubletree SeaTac, and you can hop on the light rail, get off at the airport, and hop on a bus, or walk just a little under a mile to the hotel.

Get your tickets, come, and find me to say hi! I’ll be interviewing  Dee Wallace (!!) on Saturday and Ray Wise & Sheryl Lee (!!!!) on Sunday + you’ll find me talking about horror on a few panels over the weekend.

Lead photo: Me and the LEGENDARY Barbara Crampton at Crypticon 2018! Bottom photos: My selfie with Harry Goaz & Kimmy Robertson after interviewing them about Twin Peaks | Second time meeting Jeffrey Combs, WHO IS AMAZING | Me with PJ Soles! She is the absolute sweetest.