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I took today off from work, ostensibly to recover from the kick ass inauguration night party I booked at Chop Suey last night – but what I'll really be doing all day long is going through the ballots of the Village Voice's annual Pazz and Jop poll. This year's poll had 579 critics voting – and the consensus said that TV on the Radio's Dear Science and MIA's "Paper Planes" were the best album and single, respectively.

Seattle's critics darlings, Fleet Foxes, finished fifth for their self-titled album. While they are certainly critics darlings (P4k said Fleet Foxes was their favorite album of 2008), they aren't the darlings of Seattle critics. There were 87 critics who put their self-titled debut on their top ten lists, I only counted two, Charles R. Cross and imaginary dana, as being from Seattle.

I'll be trying to find more interesting things in this poll throughout the day (which is probably what I would be doing all day long anyway, if I did go in to work). The ballots are here and with imaginary liz's and my ballots accordingly.

Here's the video for the best single of the year ("Paper Planes"):