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Back in 2003, I made a top ten albums of the year list for my college newspaper. Number 1, Death Cab's Transatlanticism (no brainer). Number 2 was Decibully's City of Festivals.

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Decibully has been that band for me whom I've championed to anyone and everyone who'll listen. Like American Football. However, it seems that no one takes to Decibully quite like I do. I don't understand it. American Football, yes, people revel in that record. Decibully? No one seems to get into it. 

Please let that change.

It's come to my recent attention that Decibully was dropped from their label, the wonderful Polyvinyl, and is now a free agent with their latest and third record, World Travels Fast. Apparently Polyvinyl stopped liking them, or they don't like this record.

You can stream the whole new record (here). Also, Polyvinyl's having a sale on vinyl, so run over to and get a 5 dollar copy of City of Festivals. It's worth it. 

Here's the video for the single off World Travels Fast: