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El Diablo 10th Anniversary Celebration

I stumbled upon news of this free music fest today and am now planning how to fit it in between movie screenings! El Diablo Coffee Co. on Queen Anne is celebrating their 10th Anniversary today from 2-9 with food, drinks and live music from SEVEN bands.

Most of the music is on the mellower, folkier side, which seems perfect for a gray Seattle afternoon (with a HUGE latte, of course). The line-up:

Rory Gannon
Secondhand Sunday
Dustin Darnold
Kendal Sasso
Daniel Kamas
Paul Michael Moye
Thomas Starks

The person catching my ear the most is Kendal Sasso, who has a pretty awesome cover of “Such Great Heights” on her MySpace page – as well as a rockin’ video for her now-defunct pop band Quite Corrine. I have a feeling some Imaginaries are also going to fall for Dustin Darnold…

In any case, looks like a fun way to spend Cinco de Mayo! Who’s in?