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Last night I was fortunate enough to catch indie pop royalty, Mr. Jonathan Richman in the first night of a two night stand at the Tractor. After a seemingly brief hour plus set, he bid the crowd adieu and my plus one and I walked out with pretty much the same thought “Wow, Jonathan Richman is like the pure version of Calvin Johnson.”

Yes, we both realize Jonathan pre-dates Calvin quite a bit, but when you see Jonathan’s dance moves, you’ll realize that you’ve probably seen it on this side of the coast by one Mr. Johnson. While the two definietly share similar qualities, Jonathan is the pure, almost childlike version to Calvin’s instinctual, sometimes sexual roar.

It was such a pleasure to see Jonathan perform, even if it’s never the hits or the classics that I want to hear (though he does still do a pretty great “I Was Dancing In A Lesbian Bar” – the ultimate sing along!). Everything he does is the most charming thing ever, never too precious or understated. Catch him tonight at the Tractor and you’ll see what I mean. Doors are at 8 and the show starts at 9pm SHARP! There is no opener, so don’t miss a second of what will be a magical night.

Here’s a little preview of what you might see.