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December 20th is going to ROCK!The holidays are coming! More than that, my birthday is coming!

To mark the multiple days of celebration, Three Imaginary Girls is hosting a show next week – Thursday, December 20th at the Crocodile.

Being the birthday girl provided me with the honor of being able to pack the bill with some of my favorite bands.

And all I want is to have YOU there to celebrate all the good stuff with me/us. Plus all the proceeds benefit  Treehouse for Kids {a local organization that benefits foster kids}, so we can get our jolly on for a good cause.

The evening's line-up is:


Rachel Flotard {Visqueen} & Jon Rauhouse {Neko Case} and their cool friends:
Bill Herzog, Mark Pickerel, and Paul Rigby

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The full scoop is here but please please please let's make things happy, joyous and sparkly en masse!