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MP3 Turntable Cool gift thing!!While we're on the topic of what we want for the holidays, I've got some more tangible ideas of what would be fun to see under the tree / lit up fern / celebratory coffee table this year.

Forget all the cords and wires and multiple pieces of equipment, with this thing I could plug and go crazy making iPod-listenable MP3s of those 7"s I can't access while on the road. And need I point out it's currently 20% off!?! They also make one for cassette tapes, but my boyfriend swears we already have the technology to do such a thing, we just don't have it hooked up. Hmph.

The other things on my wishlist are a bit less tangible: an irrefutably electable Democrat presidential candidate, a cheap parking space, and world peace. But most of all, I'd love to have you at the Crocodile on December 20th!

What do you all want? I think the super-mega awesome Labrador Records boxset would make a perfect gift for that person you love with good taste (available here).

Might I suggest a poster bundle from Seattle Show Posters? I love the show-based artwork, but his general non-music ones are super stellar. That heart in a jar? The hand puppet? I melt! Note that on all orders placed before December 17, SSP will throw in a free mystery print! And, if you order and mention you read TIG, you might just get a special somethin somethin…

What do you want and what are you surprising your loved ones with?