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Goodness me. For all the troubles Amy has had of late with horse tranquilers and spousal abuse and the like, who would've thought a little weed would get her banned from the US for good?

You see, when Amy was busted for possession of ze marijuna in Norway recently, she went ahead and paid the fine, apparently unawares that this equates to admitting guilt by Norweign law. This, in turn, got her US Visa revoked.

According to Aversion:

Winehouse will appeal a guilty plea that came hand-in-hand when she agreed to pay the fine for getting snared by police in a hotel room with a bit of marijuana in her possession). Winehouse's lawyer contends that she wasn't aware of the Norwegian legal system's workings, and didn't realize that by paying the fine, she also admitted her guilt to the charges.

This makes me selfishly very, very sad, as I was very much hoping that Amy would pull her shit together and come back and play for all of us. Not to mention, we had big plans for the holidays, and for her to come stay with us and meet the baby! Oh Amy, this really is a big setback, but I will never let it impact our friendship!!