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Today I think we've all earned some Swedish electronica spiced up indie-pop from Club 8.

In case you didn't recognize their name from being listed in our review of the impeccably stellar incredible Labrador compilation, Club 8 has had a 12-year career of making music ranging from bedroom twee to dark soulful songs to shiny pop melodies. And when not CLub 8-ing it, the Karolina half of the duo is in Poprace, and the Johan side is part of the Acid House Kings, Poprace, and the Legends (all of which deserve a post of their own to gush about their songs — especially the Legends who RULE!).

They *just* released a new album on September 26 entitled The boy who couldn't stop dreaming. It's their sixth album and reports are that it is "Twelve songs that’ll make you sing along about death to while dreaming of summer days. A glorious return to say the least."

There are plenty of ways to hear some songs (which you should go do RIGHT NOW!).

1. You can visit the Club 8 MySpace for a 4-song sampler.
2. Go right to the source — their record label where you can hear the entire album online and order it.

Also, I am not sure if this is still going on, but everyone who orders the album Labrador shop was promised a free badge and an exclusive, previously unreleased bonus MP3.