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It was a busy week of album sales, but not busy enough for our pals in Interpol. Our Love to Admire did well for the lads, but only well enough to land at #4 on this week's Billboard album charts. They were beat out by last and this week's #1, T.I., the return of Smashing Pumpkins (well, of Billy Corgan calling his band Smashing Pumpkins at least) and, yes, tween star Hannah Montana. However, the thing that really got me in the top 10 this week was right after Amy Winehouse (currently at #9) stood the new Spoon album. Yes, Spoon is now a top 10 national band!

Some other fun info: The next tween sensation, Aly and AJ, debuted at #15 with Insomniatic (which I'm not sure is even a word). The soundtrack to Hairspray did, in fact, make it into the top 20 at #20. And for those of you wanting to relive your youth, Bad Religion rang in at #35 and even Crowded House came in at #46.