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Please join Three Imaginary Girls on Thursday, July 26th for Yacht Rock for Puget Sound, a night of really smooth music that ROCKS, performed by some of your favorite local bands, including…

  • The Dudley Manlove Quartet!
  • The Heavy Hearts!
  • The Leisure Suits (mems of Central Services and Math & Physics Club)!
  • Tim Seely!
  • The Dusty 45s!
  • The Young Sportsmen!
  • Cantona!
  • Aaron Mannino!
  • Burning Rivers!
  • Junkmail!
  • Megasapien!
  • The Small Change!

All proceeds for the night will go to benefit People for Puget Sound, and tickets are only $8 ($7 if you dress in Yacht Rock attire). The night will also celebrate the birthdays of Saundrah (from Math & Physics Club, who will grace the stage by playing violin with the Leisure Suits) and, well, me! It's a Cancer/Leo birthday bash, and you're all invited!!

For those of you not in the know about the phenomenon that is Yacht Rock, it's smoooooooth music that rocks. Think back in your past to the 70s and early 80s AM gold that crooned its way from your parent's car speakers. Think Hall & Oates, Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggins, and Toto. Think back a little further to the forefathers of Yacht Rock, like Bread, the Little River Band, and Ambrosia. Now you're getting there…

But really, to fully appreciate Yacht Rock, you need to watch the 10 videos that spawned the series.

Here's the debut one: "What a Fool Believes"


Here's my personal favorite: "Rosanna, aka 'You Should Get Michael MacDonald to Sing On My Song"

Here's a link to all 10 Yacht Rock episodes, and some background on Yacht Rock. Study up, and we'll see you there!

Fuck you, Loggins!!! The 80s can suck it!