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I love the internets. All of them.

As Stereogum reported last week, some guy is convinced that Win Butler of the Arcade Fire stole his basketball. In typical 2007 passive aggression, he did the only thing one could do. He started a blog called Arcade Fire Stole My Basketball (since taken down).

Butler's brother Will, allegedly setup Arcade Fire Didn't Steal Dude's Basketball (also taken down) to counter the original allegations.

To make it even more interesting, some other guy created a blog to show his neutrality and promises to get to the bottom of this mystery. The URL? (luckily this one is still up).

I wonder if it means that since and were both taken down that this issue was resolved. Best case scenario: dude realizes he misplaced his basketball, someone from the Arcade Fire remembers where the guy had it last and they share a laugh over a friendly game of HORSE.

I do really like the idea of starting blogs to settle petty scores with indie rockers (and the Stereogum commenters had plenty of good ideas). I wonder if is still available. He didn't actually block my view but I saw him at the show and he could never disprove that he didn't – and he is pretty tall.