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Last summer, I was on tour for 2 months, and for several weeks, we arrived in town after town (and often, to the same venue) the day after Birmingham, AL’s P.S. Eliot, just missing them. I should have known better, that if my peers loved this band so much that I would too, and should have instantly gone out to pick up their record Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds, but for some reason, I shelved that thought and spent an unfortunate year not in love with P.S. Eliot.

Finally, when I heard they were playing Athens Popfest, I made a point of listening to their vinyl only album at Jigsaw Records, and was blown away. I must confess, female fronted pop punk is among my absolute favorite genres of music, especially when it’s peppered with well-worded heartfealt lyrics about love and life, and P.S. Eliot fits that bill exactly, creating poppy/punky 90’s twinged indie rock along the lines of a more Southern but just as angsty The Glass Intact-era Sarge. Here’s an acoustic version of the song that’s been stuck in my head all day “We’d Never Agree”.