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Athens!One week from today the Athens PopFest will kick into high gear with 12 bands wearing the PopFest crown for a day of nonstop fun.

We could talk about The Instruments (a conglomeration of your favorite Elephant 6 parts) or the wackidaisical Russian Spy Camera – both of whom will take the stage next Wednesday… but today let's hone in on Toledo's Hat Company and their song "Love Letter" posted on their MySpace. Don't they sound like a blissful marriage of the Aisler's Set and the Beach Boys?

The PopFest line-up for Wednesday August 8th:
(all shows this day will be at Little Kings)

1. Paper Tanks
2. Hat Company
3. Christopher's Liver
4. Yellow Fever
5. Titans of Filth
6. Turncoats
7. Ninety Nine
8. Mouser
9. Venice is Sinking
10. Russian Spy Camera
11. the Instruments
12. New Sound of Numbers

I'm excited for tomorrow's countdown post… as next Thursday's line-up is full of names you'll recognize.