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Athens Popfest 2007The Athens Popfest kicks off one week from today!

For the next few days I'll be spotlighting some of the fests highlights as I prep to head down south for some spectacular indiepop.

Let's start with a band on the opening night line-up: Gemini Cricket!

They are local Athens-ites with songs that are lovingly lo-fi and have a coffee shop sing along feel. Might I recommend "Our New Song 4track" from their MySpace?

Athen's Popfest Schedule for next Tuesday {August 7th}:

At Transmetropolitan (it's a free show even!)
1. Fabulous Bird
2. Gemini Cricket
3. Smokedog
4. Chainestereo
5. Folklore

Looks like a short night? Well, things kick into mega hot gear on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with tons of bands at multiple venues. Insert squeals for Poison Control Center, The Smittens, Ted Leo, Darren Hanlon, Red Pony Clock, Daniel Johnston, and Tullycraft here.