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Bang Camaro's looking for dudes in the cities listed above to join their part-time dude choir. If you can sing, like to booze, and generally know how to act like a rock star, this is your chance to get your cock rock on! From their website:

Bang Camaro is about to launch on some national tours. The problem is that transporting all 78 of us is a little more expensive than we can handle. So, we're putting together choirs all over the country. If you look good, sing well, and rock tough, we want you!

Here is the basic info:

If you live in or near Austin, Nashville, LA, Seattle, or Chicago, are 21+, can move yourself around, and can take a few days off of work when we head through your area, then you have most of what it takes. The rest comes down to your hot rocking ability. You will have to submit some info and a video of yourself so that we can make the call on if you're truly one of us. If you make the cut, you'll get a training DVD that will teach you the parts, and a few practices before the shows. The rest will be rock insanity, trust us.


When you visit this page you can also watch a video 'splaining the whole thing. Or visit their MySpace. Surely you read my latest week in rock and know about their off-the-hook live shows.

Man, if only I was a dude in Seattle, Nashville, LA, Austin or Chicago!Bang Camaro by JB Galusha