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Bat Country is the latest band of Bill Bullock, one of my very favorite songwriters/performers in Seattle, who fronted protest punk band Mea Culpa and more recently the dance-thump Shorthand For Epic. Bat Country draws on the country noir side of Billy, a delicious American Gothic collective corralled by Billy and his knock out wife Melissa Cerise-Bullock. Tapped into the dirty red velvet-peeling walls of underground Seattle, where modern pirates came with stolen booty and looking for, um, another kind of booty, they are playing out again soon and have this new video to darkly tempt you.

The next Bat Country show is at The Mix in Seattle’s satellite of love Georgetown on Friday, May 7, as part of the “Captain Jakalof Presents: Malcontents!” Whatever the hell that is but I know it’s going to be a luxurious cabaret of the extreme senses.


Disclaimer: Billy has written for Three Imaginary Girls, but then he’s written some of the best damned genre-bent, post-punk songs on the planet too. So watch the video and — dig in!