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Anyone who knows me outside of the HTML world knows two things:

  1. I am a big guy.
  2. I don’t know my way around HTML very well.

In order to thwart my big-guy status, I’ve done many things over time. First, I enjoy minimalist art a lot more than big, bombastic art. This carries to music as well: I think the Arcade Fire are gloriously over-rated (too big) and prefer the more subtle stylings from big bands like that of Broken Social Scene. Arena rock was great. But it’s over. Let’s move on.

In any case, given that I like minimalism and I don’t know my way around HTML very well, I’ve opted to display my lists for 2007 WITHOUT the bombast of YouTube videos and such. You want to hear a sample of something? Ask Google. They’re small guys and they know their way around HTML. I’m sure they can find you a YouTube video or free MP3.

That said, here are my lists for the TOP SEVEN best albums of Oh SEVEN (in general) and the TOP SEVEN best albums out of the Northwest:

Best of 2007

  1. Radiohead—In Rainbows
  2. Amon Tobin—Foley Room
  3. Elliott Smith—New Moon
  4. LCD Soundsystem—Sound of Silver
  5. Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen—Book of Longing
  6. The Blakes—The Blakes
  7. Slow Six—Nor’Easter


Best Northwest of 2007

  1. Elliott Smith—New Moon
  2. The Blakes—The Blakes
  3. Menomena—Friend and Foe
  4. Tullycraft—Every Scene Needs A Center
  5. Tiny Vipers—Hands Across The Void
  6. The Saturday Knights—Demo EP
  7. Blue Scholars—Bayani