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This CD makes me grin. I was a huge fan of Those Bastard Souls, and also enjoyed spending some audio time with the Grifters—so hearing this record, the Bloodthirsty Lover's second release, gives me hope for the future.

The Bloodthirsty Lovers is the latest project from Dave Shouse, former member of Those Bastard Souls / The Grifters. Dave's voice is distinct—it embodies a whiskey touched ache that just gets you right in the crook of an arm screaming for another hit.

While filled with synth sounds and samples, the songs also move through sparse and melodic rhythms that make you sigh, smile, and fly. Some of the songs find a strange nest that could sit in between branches of the Flaming Lips and the Walkmen. While there is a minimal drum – guitar sound, there is also an almost psychedelic yearning pulling at the same time. You can almost hear a full orchestra in your head, playing along to the dreams that the songs create.