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To be filed under Feel Good News About Rock and Roll Icons, U2 frontman and chronic do-gooder Bono has been awarded the Liberty Medal, an award that is given annually and that "recognizes leadership in the pursuit of freedom."

Bono joins past winners including Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, and Nelson Mandela (who our president mistakenly announced was dead last week, in another move of staggering genius. But I digress).

From the article:

Bono is the first non-politician to receive the award in 18 years, and bagged the honour for his continual campaigning to get governments to cancel third-world debt.

After being awarded with the medal, Bono paid tribute to the US, saying: "In the American body politic there's no poetry like the poetry of the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution."

Maybe I haven't loved a record of theirs since The Joshua Tree, but ya can't deny the fella is trying to make the world a better place…