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Here's an interesting attempt to get insular Seattleites out of their comfy zones. allows users to (according to the site) "connect with people outside of their normal social, work, and hobby circles," grouping folks only by "time, location and an interest in good conversation." A nice idea, especially for newbies to the area looking to break through that typical Northwest chill.


Brian Dorsey is the self-professed computer geek who created as a hobby.

Pick a date, choose an area, then he'll put you in touch with some people you can break bread with.

"All I know is where the people are going to be at lunch time, what day, and that they want to have a good conversation," says Brian.

Hopefully, some spicy conversation will be on the menu.

"It's easy to read the news you agree with, talk to the people you already know. I'm hoping to mix things up a bit," says Brian. "Talk to people outside of our normal circles and meet in person, not just at the computer."

OK imaginaries, try it out and report back!