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Rock Torch - Brian Briggs of Stornoway and Teenage Fanclub

Let’s face it folks: it’s wintertime, and you’re gonna need all the sun-drenched pop that your ears can handle to make it through the next few months. Our current suggestion is the UK band Stornoway, a group that is tearing up the overseas charts but just starting to get traction on this side of the pond.

If you haven’t heard the band’s “Zorbing” single, point your computer at iTunes and pay the cost. And if you need more warmth in your life, follow up on this music suggestion from Brian Briggs, lead singer of Stornoway: “Teenage Fanclub make some of the warmest, most unaffected pop songs about unashamedly heartfelt emotions,” Briggs told in this original post. “With their close harmonies and gently distorted chiming electric guitars they instantly transport me to the highlands in the sunshine everytime.”

Be sure to warm up with Stornoway at The Crocodile on December 9 {and enter to win tickets to the show from TIG!}.