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It may not be our b-day anymore, but the b-day twins are back for Festival The Sequel: There’s More Than One Beer Garden at Bumbershoot 2016. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing:


Fly Moon Royalty (Jean)

KEXP | 4:10pm

This electric-soul duo is so dreamy it’s ridiculous. Fly Moon Royalty’s funky mix of soulful vocals, hip-hop, and electronics is infectious. Even though they are super hot on the circuit right now the last time I saw them perform was YEARS ago with Down North alongside a tiny crowd at the Lo-Fi. I remember thinking DAMN THIS IS SOME SHIT I CAN GET TO LOVING TO and I’m so glad they’ve been coming up since then. Looking forward to this slow-burning sexy performance.

Hugo House Presents the Oracle (Jean)

Center Theater | 7:30pm

Lest we forget that Bumbershoot is more than just music, I suggest you check out this event by Hugo House. The idea is you show up with like six personal problems (which should not be hard, I can name three right now) and then you write questions on a piece of paper about your future like “WILL MY MOM EVER STOP MAKING VEILED REFERENCES TO THE LACK OF GRANDCHILDREN IN HER LIFE?”, and three or so featured writers will, as they describe, “solve your worldly problems with prescient passages from their books.” This edition features writers Garth Stein, Iljeoma Oluo, and Kristiana Kahakauwila.



Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals (Jean)

Memorial Stadium | 6:00pm

There is no way to listen to Anderson .Paak without melting into his particular brand of smooth. He consistently puts out detailed as fuck albums, and I am ready for the feel-good oozingly-cool dance party that awaits me. Warm up with this song and then come ready to party.

JoJo (Jean)

Fisher Green | 7:30pm

All you haters can step because motherfucking JOJO IS GONNA BE HERE AND I’M GONNA GO SEE HER. As a 13-year-old in 2004 she was singing about love and heartbreak and spinning us some real truthy tales about relationships, and I WAS EATING THAT SHIT UP. Grown-ass JoJo is doing her thing again. Here’s a reminder of this #blessed music era:


Erik Blood  (Brady)

KEXP | 5:30pm

Local legend Erik Blood has been churning up entire sonic planets for your ears to explore. Gossamer layers of voices, synths and guitars may entrance your headphones, but it’s another experience entirely to see it live. Check out the slow burning “Quiet” and see what I mean.

Tame Impala (Brady)

Memorial Stadium | 7:40pm

Unless you’ve been holed up in a cave somewhere waiting out the apocalypse with cans of baked beans, you’ve probably at least HEARD of Tame Impala. Some people will tell you the band got “too electronic” on 2015 album Currents, and they’re “just not as good as they used to be.” These people are IDIOTS. Expand your horizons and embrace Tame Impala as you do all ever-evolving art forms, especially those created by a singular musician who’s so skilled he’s probably an alien.


Billy Idol (Brady)

Fisher Green | 8:30pm

Have you ever sung “White Wedding” off-key at karaoke? Drenched yourself in sweat rockin’ out to “Dancing With Myself?” The legendary BILLY EFFING IDOL is playing on Sunday. You’ll be socially shamed forever if you skip this. I leave you with my one of my favorite Idol songs, “Eyes Without A Face.” Due to a magical moment involving this song, a hotrod, the Fremont Bridge, a trash-barge filled with seagulls, and a sunset, it will forever be melted into my heart. Best usage of butts in a music video at the 2:40 mark.

(Image courtesy Bumbershoot)