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WE’RE BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK. You asked for it, and it’s here. (OK, nobody asked for it, but we are here, and we’re delivering.) 100% Top Quality bday twins goodness (that’s Brady and I for those of you who aren’t in the know).

The smoke’s cleared (for now) and we’re excited to soak in some sounds this weekend. First, serious question: Do the kids going to this even know about Lil Wayne? T-PAIN? LUDACRIS!??!?! I’m not sure what year this is, but they’re really catering to an ultra-specific time period that I’m uncertain we can all get back to. But hey! As usual there are a ton of gems to look forward to, and I’m ready to be surprised and delighted.

Here’s just a taste of what we’re looking forward to this weekend:


Let’s Eat Grandma 2:10pm | Fisher Green (Brady)

Let’s Eat Grandma are two childhood best friends, who aren’t even legal adults yet. Well, not in the states that is. This UK art pop duo blew up out of nowhere two years ago, winning shining reviews across the internet. Their Sophomore album I’m All Ears is out now, and I can’t wait to see how these teenage prodigies pull their songs off live.

Moses Sumney 6:00pm | Fisher Green (Brady)

Last year at Sasquatch, Moses Sumney’s siren song pulled me into the photo pit just as I was about to pass him by. His divine vocal stylings are sweetly powerful and he commands a stage all on his own. You’ve gotta see this.

Ludacris 9:45pm | Fisher Green (Jean)

The last time I saw Ludacris was over a decade ago when he was still taking cash to do the college circuit. Now he’s several racecar movies deep and I’m excited to see how his sound’s evolved (or has the same thrillz) since that time. Catch me waving around my collection of Fast and Furious posters and screaming for him to sign it in the front row! Come on, YOU KNEW I WAS GOING TO LINK TO THIS.


Cherry Glazerr 5:20pm | Mural Stage (Jean)

I may or may not have listened to Cherry Glazerr’s Apocalipstick on repeat for the span of several months. They’re the cool teenagers I wish I had been when I was a teenager. Will their coolness rub off on me if I’m in close enough proximity? Only time will tell. If you’re into some fiery yowling and just plain ole catchy music, don’t miss them.



Superorganism 4:55pm | Fisher Green (Brady)

Every once in a while I truly dig music that makes your brain go, “Wait,what?” That’s exactly what you’ll find in Superorganism’s psychedelic pop tracks. Check out Something For Your Mind.



The Revolution 9:30pm | Mural Stage (Brady)

Yea that’s right THE Revolution is going to be at Bumbershoot too! Wendy? Yes. LISA! And even Dr. Friggen Fink. What does it mean to be The Revolution without Prince? I don’t know but I’m gonna go find out!





Blondie 8:15pm | Fisher Green (Brady)

YEA HI do you even need me to write a reason for you to go see Blondie? Don’t be an idiot and go check ‘em out. I simply must know if Debbie Harry is dressed as a neon green highlighter from 1994 like she was last time!




SZA 9:50pm | Main Stage (Brady)

The incredibly multi-talented SZA has collaborated with greats like Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Childish Gambino, even writing songs for Rihanna and Beyoncé! Her rich voice is layered over hypnotic and often experimental beats, edging a line between hip-hop and R&B to create something entirely new. This is bound to be one of the highlights of the whole weekend!  


(Image courtesy Bumbershoot)