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Photo by Amelia Gyde

Sleepy Eyes of Death are a mostly instrumental rock band that puts on a very visual live show. They use lights and smoke to accentuate their sound, which blends atmospheric synths in the tradition of M83 with reverb-heavy guitar chords, while being a loud, intense rock band who turn the volume up to eleven. While putting more of an emphasis on the visual aspect of their live set, the ear-pounding intensity is the closest thing you’re likely to get to recreating the My Bloody Valentine experience in a live setting.

I’m cautious to give too big of an endorsement to Sleepy Eyes of Death because I have a friend in the band, so I’m trying to stick to the facts and tread lightly. It should be taken for what it’s worth but I really do enjoy watching the band’s live show and think the Sky Church at EMP is an ideal location because they can accomodate the band’s setup.

Here’s the video to their single “Final Hearts Beat Black”:


Sleepy Eyes of Death play in the EMP Sky Church at 6:30pm on Sunday, September 6.

{Sleepy Eyes of Death photo by Amelia Gyde from TIG’s Flickr pool.}