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I’ve been sitting on The Nightgowns’ Sing Something for at least a couple months now, and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to sing this band’s praises. They’re basically a synthpop quartet, but not in the twee and cute way, and also not in the Hot Chip dance way. Instead, they’ve found just the right mix to let those clean guitar riffs and crazy synth riffs share the spotlight and create some really awesome — and quirky — pop tunes. It also doesn’t hurt that the lead singer sounds British, even though these boys are from Tacoma.

Which brings us to the reason why I’m finally deciding to talk about The Nightgowns — they’ll be at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard next Friday night, and if you’re an indie pop lover you’ll want to be there too. Also on the bill are TIG favorites: BOAT and The Special Places.

My favorite tracks on Sing Something are easily “Buoy” and “Working For A Living,” but I also like how the general tone of the album dies down for the final two songs, “Pppps” and “Gone With The Wind.” The former is a song about how you always have more to say to that special guy or gal even after you’ve “telephoned and talked forever,” and the only way to say it is with a P.S. and a P.P.S. (all the way up to a P.P.P.P.S., in this case).

Here’s a live performance of “Working For A Living” from the band’s CD release party earlier this year. Someone please check out the show next Friday so I can live vicariously through you!