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Photo By Joe Dilworth{Sons and Daughters play on the Rockstar Stage on Sunday, September 1 from 8:45-9:45}

I don't know if Sons and Daughters are the best rock band playing Bumbershoot. They are, however, my favorite.

With its first-rate single "Gilt Complex", the Glasgow-based band's most recent album This Gift is almost certainly going to be near the top of my end of year top 10 list. The band is a traditional rock band in the sense that their sound derives from guitar, bass and drums. Yet their songs are lyrically complex and so-well constructed and produced that it is easy to fall for the band on a first listen. Their frontwoman Adele Bethel has a commanding presence on stage that puts her in control of her audience. She's probably the most crush-worthy rock star you'll see all weekend. That might even be reciprocal because the band's website URL is

Here's a video for "Gilt Complex":