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Seattle’s Truckasaurus is a raw and powerful experience to the point of sensory overload. Although they initially came off like an SNL skit, their musicianship and the way they drove the packed crowd crazy with their redneck-electronic schtick is no joke. I gotta admit that I fell in love with it as well. Everything happening on the stage is complex, but the simple nature of what they are doing makes it demands attention to say the least.

My only complaint deals with the pacing of the performance. The breaks between songs make it hard to keep the party going and when the songs do blend together, the beat matching does not come off as well as I’d like. Everything is done in such a casual manner and with such a laissez-faire attitude, though, that it really doesn’t matter.

Parts of the show remind me of the movie Explorers, where a few friends get together to make a spacecraft and experience something out of this world. With their creative rhythms and imaginative beats, coupled with a fantastic stage presence, Truckasaurus were a huge surprise to me. I’m already planning to see their next show.

Truckasaurus photos by Kyle Johnson