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Jesse from Easy Street just sent me a juicy nugget of info from Cat Power, which was posted to the elusive Chan's MySpace page. It appears she's got another record in the works! It's not coming for awhile, it's going to be another album of covers, and… well, I'll let her share the info in her own words, lack of capitalization and all…

hey yall
got message to mention next record comes out january
sorry far away
24 covers to choose from..
mixin record next week
in dallas with stuart sikes

it's gonna be called, duh,

with so many covers
tryin to decide if i should
release COVERS RECORD 2 VOL.2 ???

So there ya go, Cat Power fans. More Cat Power Covers.

If you can't wait until January, here's Chan covered Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"