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I've gotten so many tidbits and goodies from Seattle bands today, I'd thought I'd compile them and share…

BOAT is back from tour (welcome home, fellas!), and they have a groovy little video clip from tour, of their soon-to-be-classic romantic ditty, "I'm a Monkey for Your Love."

Bre Loughlin, former front-woman for Kuma and Daylight Basement, has a solo record in the works, and expects the mixing will be done mid-August, with the record (called Modern American Photo Album) coming shortly thereafter on local label Fish the Cat. She just posted one track from the forthcoming album to her MySpace page, called "Joy Kill." Have a listen!

Mono in VCF (technically from Tacoma, but hey, we'll claim 'em) got quite the shoutout on 3Hive today, with the gush, "These songs are so fresh and clean and original (in a 2007 way) that they are completing enthralling, and you should just download now."

And lastly, the Lonely H have been dubbed the Band of the Day. Congrats, fellas!!


Did I miss anything else today that's a big whoop in Seattle local music? If so, let me know in the comments below…