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Nabil Ayers - My Life in the Sunshine

One of our favorite Three Imaginary Girls’ memories is of the time we interviewed Nabil Ayers as part of our “Coffee with a Rockstar” series. We met up with him in the spring of 2003 at the Canterbury on 15th Ave in Cap Hill (I know that *you* know that, but now that the Canterbury is closed down I feel like I need to tell the kiddos where that wonderful bar was) and he further cemented his title of ‘the nicest guy in rock’ by rocking the jazz hands pose for us to use with the article.

At the time he was an indie-rock drummer and co-owner of Sonic Boom Records with his own record label (The Control Group). Nabil has since moved to NYC and is the U.S. President of the UK-based Beggars Group of labels. He was even named one of Billboard Magazine’s Indie Power Players (in 2020). 

In addition to being so nice and kind and friendly and great at music and business, Nabil has also written about music and race for a variety of our favorite papers and magazines. And just this year, his memoir, My Life in the Sunshine, has hit the bookshelves. The most exciting part of all this is that Nabil will be in Seattle for a series of events celebrating his book! 

On Friday, June 10th – Nabil’s book launch event at Town Hall!
Nabil and KEXP DJ Cheryl Waters will chat about the book and there will be a book signing to follow.

On Saturday. June 11 – Nabil will visit some local Seattle record stores for hellos and  book signings!

We are elated to dig into his book and that he will be in town this weekend!

And while we’re talking about fun things happening in Seattle:

Did you know that Three Imaginary Girls has a birthday? And that birthday is June 10th? And this year will be the website’s 20th birthday? True story!  

We are going to officially celebrate Three Imaginary Girls’ 20th birthday with a big show/party in September at the Tractor Tavern (more details below). But, seeing you all at one of Nabil’s book signing events this weekend is a great way to celebrate all things imaginary on our birthday weekend.

Mark your calendars: TIG’s 20th Anniversary Celebration – Friday, September 16 at the Tractor Tavern. 

The line-up features: The Divorce & Slender Means with Carly Nicklaus & Friends (The Catch/Bardot/U.S.E.).