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Free Slurpees at 7-Eleven!To mark the fortuitous date, this Friday (7-11) our friends at 7-Eleven are giving away FREE Slurpee® drinks (at participating stores and while participating cups last).

Participating cups? I guess to control the FREE Slurpee® mayhem, they make a certain number of "Birthday Cups" and distrubuted to participating stores?

Regardless, it might actually be kinda warm tomorrow which would make it perfect weather to enjoy a free brain freeze. Is the Coke flavor Slurpee everyone's favorite? Or do you prefer to turn blue with the raspberry?

And be warned: The particpating stores might be pushing the brand new *first ever* Monster Energy Slurpee® drink, Black Ice.

Black Ice is a black-colored energy Slurpee® drink packed with a full load of Monster’s potent energy blend. This is the first frozen Monster beverage and the first variety not sold in a can.

From the looks of this investigation, the Slurpee® cups might be kinda puiny… dress-up measures might be necessary: