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Yuni in Taxco is like a snowcone: light, refreshing, and — if it’s really good — can transport you to another place. If Los Lobos and Dick Dale were thrown in a blender with a the psychaedelica of someone like The Apples in Stereo, you might get these guys (be sure to add an umbrella, and serve up ready to dance).

It would appear there’s no more ideal place to see them than a summer music festival — something about them screams summertime! Their warm, carefree, sound compliment lyrics that tend toward the mutable beautifully, and the twists and turns from pop to ballad make for an exceptional musical landscape. They’re a little trippy, a little spacey, and perhaps their island-style warmth will bring a little sunshine to our drab Seattle summer, if only in spirit.

Check them out! They won’t make your tongue blue or your hands sticky, we promise!

{Photo courtesy of the Yuni in Taxco MySpace page.}